You made suggestions, and we listened. This year we've added a kid's run. This course is approximately 1 mile (give or take) complete with obstacles and mud for the little ones. Intended for ages 12 and under, the kiddos will have a blast working their way through this course. This course is not timed, however, feel free to time them yourself and take pictures while they are on the course. Feel free to help your little mud runners through the obstacle course if they need a little team work. (**A parent or guardian MUST be present and observing when their child is on the course. Please do not leave your child unattended on the course**) Here are some of the obstacles you can expect to see on this course.

  • Maze run

  • Tire run

  • Spider web

  • Low crawl

  • Mini mud pit

  • And more

Kid's Run


"Just For The Mud Of It" is an approximate 5k mud run and obstacle course. Our mud run was created        with the average person in mind. You don't  have to be an elite athlete                                                            to complete our event. Here are some of the obstacles participants                                                                can expect to encounter along the course:

  • Running along trails in the woods

  • Small walls (approximately 4ft tall)

  • Large walls (approximately 6ft tall)

  • Great walls (approximately 12ft tall)

  • The tire wall 

  • The A-Frame

  • Small mud pits

  • Large mud pits

  • Trenches

  • Low crawls

  • Rock carry

  • Creek run

  • Tire obstacles

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